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Aoifes Cancer Journey

As Aoife’s Mummy, it is hugely important that Aoife is not defined by cancer.

But if it wasn’t for Aoife having cancer, you wouldn’t be here at Aoife’s Bubbles page.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare right? You never ever think it is going to be you, well guess what? It really can be.

It happened to Aoife, it happened to me, it happened to our family, cancer doesn’t discriminate.

By all accounts, we are a pretty normal family, this wasn’t part of the plan.

We were calling 111 thinking our little girl was chronically constipated, as I was led to believe countless times by GP’s and the medical profession.

Never, ever did I think that we would be popping to the out of hours doctor to never return home with Aoife, what kind of world is that?

In the weeks leading up to Aoife being formally diagnosed at Great Ormond Street Hospital (the most special corner of this world, I would like to add) we had taken Aoife to her GP, an emergency GP, minor injuries and A&E so many times that we literally lost count.

We will never come to terms that we took our little girl to the people we are meant to trust this volume of times and they consistently failed her, catastrophically.

There is no excuse, or nothing justifiable ,which someone can justify to us as to why they flippantly disregarded what we were telling them about Aoife.

We were told countless times that we weren't feeding Aoife correctly. We would like to say with heads held high, we 100% were. Even being told countless times, “you need to keep Aoife more active”. We had horses, Aoife was out on the farm every, day twice a day.

What we would like to make so very, very clear, this is not a case of anger wanting recompense, but as a huge positive force of change, well-needed change, change to save young lives, change to educate this rarity is REAL.

We do not want anyone to feel blame or guilt for our daughter’s cancer, nor do we want any part of her life to bring anyone sadness, this is NOT what Aoife is about.

What we are about is accountability and justice, bringing change, what a legacy for Aoife this will be.

Aoife was diagnosed with Germ Cell Cancer, a rare cancer in children, but none the less a very real cancer in children.

If Germ Cell Cancer is diagnosed early, it is extremely responsive to chemotherapy and the outlook is pretty good.

Even if Germ Cell cancer is caught later on, the prognosis can still be positive, but by being constantly ignored, the health care professionals that saw Aoife, prior to her transfer to GOSH, never gave Aoife or her oncology team at GOSH a fair chance, they deprived us our fair chance in the fight for Aoife’s life.

Maybe in time, we will share more details of the events leading up to Aoife’s diagnosis of Germ Cell Cancer, but for now we think we will keep the specifics private as this is still so raw.

We are fighting for positive change, we are fighting for justice, and your love and support means an indescribable amount to us.

The message is clear, the message is important.